About Lex Rice

“Know Thyself…” – SocratesInsights
This famous quote by Socrates shows up in Buddhism and many other philosophies — it was also considered a sacred philosophy in my family. My mother was an Astrologer, a wise woman who began teaching me Astrology and Philosophy almost as soon as I could speak.  I cannot remember a time when I did not know Astrology.  I knew what my Sun and Moon signs were before I even knew my own middle name.  Before I started school, I simply assumed that everyone knew these things!  By age 14, I was immersing myself in the ancient texts of Astrology and by the time I was in college, clients three times my age were consulting me for astrological readings!  Even though I considered Astrology my ‘calling,’ for years I tried to keep it a secret, only offering my services to very close acquaintances and family.  Yet through ‘word of mouth advertising,’ I began to acquire more and more clients and have been blessed to meet some of the most interesting people across the country.

My advanced degrees in Psychology and Health, along with my 30+ years of experience with Astrology Readings combine to give you one of the best readings you will ever get.  I believe Astrology is the map to your soul – I can read that map and navigate with you on your journey to Self-Awareness and Self-Actualization.  Whether I speak to you over the phone or in person, with just a few key bits of information about you or a loved one, I can put together a detailed report and action plan designed to guide you through the times ahead and offer insight into times past.  Give me a call (214.616.5950) or send me an email using the CONTACT FORM link; I would love to set up a consultation and begin giving you the astrological/numerological tools you need to shed illumination on life, love, and relationships.