Determining Your Birth Number

The easiest way to get started in Numerology is to determine your Birth Number and its meaning.  Your Birth Number indicates the qualities and traits you tend to express throughout BirthNumberCalculationyour lifetime. To calculate your Birth Number, simply add the numerical digits of your birthday until you achieve a single digit number.  For example, let’s use the birthdate of December 11, 1952.  Convert the entire date to numerical digits (12-11-1952) and then add all those numbers together (1+2+1+1+1+9+5+2=22, 2+2=4).  The single digit number “4” is the Birth Number for someone born on December 11, 1952.  Try this simple exercise with your birthdate, or the birthdate of a loved one.  When you finish adding and get your final single digit, click on the links below for a full description of that birth number.

Birth Number 1        Birth Number 2       Birth Number 3       Birth Number 4       Birth Number 5
Birth Number 6       Birth Number 7       Birth Number 8       Birth Number 9

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