Birth Number 6

BirthNumber6WBorder6 is the Family Number.  Birth Number 6 is strongly attached to home and family and embodies the mother or father archetype.  A 6 often ‘attracts’ people to them who are subconsciously seeking the stability and nurturing influence of this archetype.   6s will spend an inordinate amount of time attending to their family of origin or to families they BookCoverhave created (their own blood-relative family, or groups of friends or co-workers that they treat like family). They form family-type bonds within professional and social organizations. 6s have many lessons to learn in terms of the family unit and relationships.  On the shadow side, a Birth Number 6 may exhibit a kind of ‘blind trust’ when they pick and choose people to treat as ‘family.’  In Astrology, a Birth Number 6 has similar traits to the sign of Cancer or the Moon (who rules Cancer). This energy requires family roots and is often quite protective of those they care deeply about, whether it is their biological family or a group of friends or co-workers they consider family.  Like a crab that is literally ‘attached to its shell,’ the Cancer energy is strongly attached to their home and family environment.

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