Birth Number 1

NumberOne1 is the Solo Number, the Number for ‘Moving On.’  People who have 1 as their birth number have the tendency to get a project or a task off to a fantastic start, but more often than not, will not stick around to see the goal accomplished.  They tend to lose interest and have a strong desire to ‘move on’ to the next thing.  It is not necessarily their assignment to be the Finisher of Tasks.  The 1 Birth Number is known for being an independent, self-sufficient, self-starter in all that they do.  It may be difficult to get a 1 to ‘partner up,’ either professionally or personally.  For example, if a person with a 1 Birth Number is on a committee, he or she will be fabulous at getting things off to a NumerologyPhotogood start, but may have a difficult time sticking around to see that everything gets accomplished.  A person with the Birth Number of 1 will simply be too excited about the next new thing to manage the details of the project they initiated last week or last month – they are more than happy to leave that job to others; hopefully, others who have a Birth Number other than 1!  On the ‘shadow’ side of this Birth BookCoverNumber, the 1 may tend to get ‘addicted’ to alone time, possibly excluding others and shutting themselves off from social relationships.  In Astrology, a Birth Number 1 is most like the sign Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and as such, an Aries is considered an active, energetic ‘starter’ and leader.  They prefer life moving forward and brand new starts.

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