Birth Number 3

BirthNumber3WBorder3 is the Communicator Number.  People who possess 3 as their Birth Number LOVE to do anything that involves communication (talking, writing, speaking, BookCovercommunicating, connecting).  3s have a thirst for knowledge, question everything and are true information junkies.  It is sometimes hard for a 3 to be quiet because their mind is SO busy and active.  On the shadow side, a 3 sometimes feels as if they never possess enough information to get a project started; they oftentimes think, ‘If I could just read one more book or one more website, or secure one more piece of information, then I could act.’

In Astrology, a Birth Number 3 is most like the sign Gemini. With a Gemini, the urge for self-expression is very strong.  They are the communicators, the questioners and they may get easily bored if they are not getting enough information.  The Birth Number 3 is also closely tied to the Astrological sign of Aquarius.  An Aquarian is a curious, observant, witty, intellectual and social being, much like the Communicator of Birth Number 3; with the main difference being that the Aquarian energy lets the answer in.

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