Birth Number 4

BirthNumber44 is the Worker-Bee Number.  While Birth Number 3s can be all over the place, 4s are very solid, like the foundation of a house or the roots of an old oak tree.  It’s the BookCoverstrong root system that allows the oak tree to stay stable and in position when there are difficulties all around.  The 4 Birth Number is the number of Career, Work, Stability and Solid Foundations.  4s like to build things, and they work hard to see that the things they build stay in place and remain solid.  It is not uncommon for a 4 to keep the same job for a lifetime or to live in the same house for forty years or more.

The shadow side of a 4 can be an over-addiction to certainty and a staunch resistance to change.  In Astrology, a Birth Number 4 is most like the signs of Capricorn and Taurus.  The Capricorn goat is a sure-footed, sturdy creature that works hard to reach his or her goals, though the progress may be slow.  Taurus the Bull symbolizes strength, perseverance, tenacity, dependability and good old-fashioned hard work.

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