North Node: Your Purpose

North Node Soul's Purpose

North Node
Soul’s Purpose

People spend their whole lives trying to figure out their purpose in life.  Astrologers believe that the Soul’s Purpose here on Earth is revealed in the Birth Chart.  Your North Node (sometimes called Mean Node or True Node) combines with your other Zodiac signs to reveal your true purpose in this lifetime.  The symbol for the North Node looks like a pair of headphones — when you see that symbol on your Birth Chart, know that it is indicating what you should be ‘listening to’  or incorporating into your life.  It also resembles is a mountain — a good analogy for ‘the mountain you need to climb’ in this lifetime. For example, if your North Node is Virgo, your Soul’s true purpose is to TheHousesprovide organization, order, support.

I can help you look at your Birth Chart to determine what House your Purpose falls in, and what the cumulative effect of all your Zodiac signs have, combined with your North Node, to reveal your true Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime.

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