Birth Number 8

BirthNumber8WBorder8 is the Money Number.  Money is the primary focus for a Birth Number 8; they make most of their decisions based on how much money will be involved and whether the BookCoveraction will be a ‘win’ or a ‘loss’ for them.  If another Birth Number wanted to do something simply for the fun of it, an 8 wouldn’t understand the point unless he or she could find some financial value in the activity.  8s have life lessons to learn about money; many 8s are born poor and become billionaires and vice versa.   8 is also a power number – Some 8s just want the money and don’t care about power, while others want both power and money.

On the shadow side, an 8 may become obsessed with money to the detriment of other areas of their life.  In Astrology, an 8 is similar to both the Leo and Scorpio energies.  Leo, the majestic and proud Lion, is attracted to the finer things of life.  The Scorpio’s primary motivation is power and control.

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