Mars: Sexuality, Anger, Action

MarsWithBorderMARS: SEXUALITY, ANGER, & ACTION  Mars is known as the Planet of Action; I like to say it’s how you ‘Go Forth’ in the world.  The symbol for Mars is a circle with an arrow pointing outward, which symbolizes the action of going forth or moving forward.  The Planet of Mars is known as the Red Planet (named for the god of War), a fiery place; because of this, it affects how we do our anger, as well as our sexuality and passion.  Think of a fire being lit underneath your TheHousespassion, your independence, and your actions.  Mars ‘fuels’ all of these areas in your life.  Where Mars falls in your Birth Chart dictactes how you will conduct yourself, how you will express your anger, and how you will ‘go forward’ in the world.  For example, a person with Mars in Libra would reflect on all possible outcomes before they act, they would take great pains to be considered fair in all of their dealings, and be very concerned about the other’s feelings in their sexual relationships.

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