Birth Number 2

BirthNumber2WBorder2 is the Partner Number.  People who possess 2 as their Birth Number adore doing things together.  They feel the most comfortable and at-ease when they are partnered-up with someone and working closely together with others.  This is quite the opposite of those who have 1 as their Birth Number.  2s enjoy being involved in ‘think-tanks’ and brainstorming BookCoversessions.  It can be quite challenging for them to understand the needs of a Birth Number 1; they can’t fathom actually WANTING to tackle a project alone.  2s rejoices in balance and harmony and are known to perform well in mergers, business partnerships, team sports and projects requiring team participation. The key word for a two is ‘joining.’ It is important for 2s to realize that those with whom they partner may not be there forever.

On the shadow side, their desire to partner may be so STRONG they may find themselves in co-dependent relationships. Creating balance in every relationship is advised for a 2s.  In Astrology, a Birth Number 2 is most like the sign Libra. Libras are social creatures and enjoy harmonious, balanced partnerships.

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