Birth Number 7

BirthNumber7WBorder7 is the Number of Perfection.  7s are the Virgo energy and the number of perfection. The key word for a 7 is ‘organize.’ They are constantly striving to get things in order, get their lives together, and organize everyone around them.  Many times 7s will find themselves in occupations like accounting, engineering, or administrative support positionsBookCover where they are creating order out of chaos and disarray. If 7s are around people who are very unorganized, it will throw them off balance and they will do everything in their power to organize that person.  7s yearns for tasks with step-by-step procedures; they are very process-driven and they learn the best sequentially.

On the shadow side of a Birth Number 7, think of the movie ‘Sleeping With The Enemy.’  The dishtowels must be lined up ‘just so,’ the mail must always be on the corner of this table, there must never be a dish in the sink, all canned good labels must face front and be in alphabetical order, etc.  Just like the Virgo, a 7 strives for perfection and wants to do everything well.  The Virgo is known as a private, fussy individual who longs for order and secretly believes that their way of doing things is the best way (and oftentimes it is!).

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