South Node: Saboteur

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South Node Saboteur

South Node

SOUTH NODE: SABOTEUR   Exactly opposite of your North Node (Your True Purpose in Life) on your Birth Chart lies your South Node; your Soul’s Shadow Side, or your Saboteur.  The South Node is represented by a flipped over version of the North Node symbol, and if you examine it carefully, it resembles a deep well or bowl.  If you fell in there, it would probably be pretty hard to climb out.  The South Node is where you’ve already been, or characteristics that you completely mastered in another lifetime.  Because of this, they are characteristics that are very easy to ‘fall into’ but they are pulling you away from achieving your true purpose in life.  For example, a person with a South Node in Leo might easily fall into acting like the king or queen, believing that others are ‘beneath’ them, wanting to hog the spotlight, and selfishly TheHouseshaving others serve their every need.  In a past life, they were probably ‘royalty’ or someone who was idolized by the masses.  In this life, however, their North Node is calling them to be more Aquarius-like (serving others, doing things for the good of humanity, being selfless).  If they can climb out of the deep well of their South Node and began exhibiting more Aquarian traits, they will probably begin to see their life fall into place like never before.

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