Mercury: Learning/Communication

In mythology, Mercury was the messenger — he wore a winged hat, he was the patron god of Eloquence, Communication and Messages.  In Astrology, Mercury represents all those things, as well as tells you about your style of learning.  The Astrological symbol for Mercury looks like a stick drawing of a man with horns, or wings, on his head.  Whenever you need to interact with someone on a business deal, on a committee, in a study group, or even with your child doing their homework, it is very important and helpful to know where their Mercury falls in their Birth Chart.

For example, a child with Mercury in Gemini may be diagnosed with ADD or TheHousesADHD.  If you delve into their Birth Chart and discover early on that their learning style is Gemini, you will be prepared for their short attention span, their fascination with word play, and their desire for discovering new things.  A Mercury in Gemini person is often distracted from what they are doing by the new shiny penny, the latest technology, and their talkative nature.

Let’s look at your chart and the chart of those around you whose Mercury learning style may directly affect you: your co-workers, your PTA committee, your children. Give me a call at 214.616.5950 or use the handy CONTACT FORM and set up your personalized Astrological consultation today.