Moon: Your Emotions

The moon has haunted mankind since the beginning of time; it’s a mystical, magical, glowing sphere that rules our tides, our planting and harvest times, and our biological cycles.  Your Moon Sign in your Birth Chart represents your emotions.  Most men tend to hide their emotions, and because of that trait, I’ve Dressing For the Moon Phasefound that men are typically attracted to women who represent their moon sign.  Women, who are much more in touch with their emotional side, are also very much in touch with their Moon Sign, and their emotions will exhibit in accordance with the sign of the Moon in their Birth Chart.  For example, if you are a male with a Sagittarius moon, you will most likely be attracted to the Sagittarius partner: someone with a lot of Sagittarius planets and traits (play, party, laugh, fun and travel).  If you are a woman with a Sagittarius moon, you will openly exhibit the traits of a Sagittarius in your emotions (happy-go-lucky, impulsive, require freedom and independence, love to play/party/laugh/have fun/travel).

One of my newest lectures addresses dressing for the current moon sign. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days.  Make your wardrobe choices with an eye to the moon and watch how people begin to react to you!

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