Birth Number 5

BirthNumber5WBorder5 is the Fun Party Number.  A Birth Number 5 likes to play, party, laugh, travel, and have fun. 5 is the number of humor, playfulness, change, and excitement.  5s get bored with the status quo; if they have too much stability in their life, they tend to get restless.  If a Birth Number 5 was forced to live in the same house for thirty years, they would be the type that BookCoverwould constantly be re-arranging furniture; painting and re-painting the interior and exterior – 5s requires ‘change within the change.’  To motivate a 5 to accomplish a task-related item, there had better be a ‘carrot’ or a fun-type of reward at the end of the job.  If offered a fun prize, a 5 will get the job done.  On the shadow side, 5s may become a ‘playaholic,’ refusing to face up to serious life responsibilities.  In Astrology, a Birth Number 5 is most like the sign Sagittarius.  Happy, cheerful, easygoing, somewhat irresponsible, and overly optimistic, the Sagittarian is making friends wherever they go.  Sagittarians love to travel, they love people and they love a party; if they can’t find a party, they will make a party wherever they happen to be.

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